Valentines Craft: DIY Sweet Heart Piñata by Veronica Cosio


How to make Sweet Heart Piñata

Who says piñatas are only for children’s parties? I just made a couple of cute heart-shaped piñatas which I think is the perfect craft project to work on this Valentines season! It’s also a fun and unique way of packaging those Valentines treats for a special someone. What makes it even sweeter is that it’s very easy and inexpensive to make! Here’s how:
1. Prepare your materials. You will need the following: a cardboard box, red or pink Japanese paper, red or pink paint, glue, glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, string, candies or chocolates

2. Cut some cardboard into two heart shapes, both approximately 8 inches big. Then, cut two strips of cardboard, four inches wide and both long enough to go around each side of the heart, with an inch or two allowance for the opening.

3. Take those cardboard strips and glue them around the edge of the heart like a wall. Make sure to leave a portion at the bottom open and unglued. This will be the hole where you’ll drop in the candies later on.

4. Take the other cardboard heart and glue it on top. You may use some masking tape to securely seal the edges.

5. Next, paint your heart shaped box pink or red. Don’t worry if it’s uneven!

6. After the paint has dried, open the bottom flap and attach a string to it. Then close it shut.

Tip: Test it and pull the string to see if it will open properly before moving on.
7. Punch a hole on the top part of the heart. Do the same thing to the opposite side. This is where you’ll attach a string or ribbon to hang up your piñata.

8. Cut strips of Japanese paper, approximately two inches wide and cut slits along the edges to create fringe.

9. Glue the fringed strips of Japanese paper horizontally onto the heart, starting from the bottom, until you’ve covered the entire surface. Do the same thing to the sides.

SweetheartPiñata-09 SweetheartPiñata-10 SweetheartPiñata-11

10. Once you’ve completely covered the heart in Japanese paper, insert a string or ribbon to the holes you punched earlier and make it long enough to hang.

Now your piñata is good to go! But you can also add decor to it, like paper flowers or cut out words, and make it look more fun. I stuck the word “Pop!” (Pop, goes my heart… get it? ;)) onto mine using gold foil and black cardboard.

Also, you don’t have to stick to the traditional valentines colors. You can make it as colorful as you like! You can even make a rainbow-colored heart! It’s all up to you! I made another one that’s white and gold-striped. Doesn’t it look so chic?

Lastly, before hanging it up, fill it with just the right amount of candy or chocolates. Add some colorful confetti too! Just be careful not to overload it.

SweetheartPiñata-15 SweetheartPiñata-16 SweetheartPiñata-17

And there you have it! A sweet and thoughtful gift that’s also a fun activity you can do with your loved ones on the day of hearts.
Have a crafty, fun and popping Valentines day!


For more DIY arts and crafts by Nica Cosio, visit her blog:

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  1. Leni Mata Sunico 2 years ago

    Nice one!

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