Summer Art Sessions 2015

Summer Art Sessions

Summer time is just weeks away and our mind is filled with all of the fun activities we want to do with our loved ones. Getting that bronzed skin goal, having new places to explore and beach hopping would ultimately make our summer memorable!

But, wouldn’t it be more fun to do something different and creative this year?

Memory Crafters together with Megaworld Corporation thought of creating a summer-themed event. A series of arts & crafts workshops this April! A variety of arts & crafts workshops from Manila’s experienced and famous artists, enjoy and shop at our arts & craft booths, indulge scrumptious array of dishes from world-class restaurants and acoustic sessions with bands and singers!

Summer Art Sessions

Here is the list of what you can do at the Craft Buffet!

This summer, be part of this wonderful workshop and know the basics of doodling with the famous and experienced artist, Nelz Yumul of WeeWillDoodle. Get to learn his awesome techniques and secrets on how he magnificently create a neat and colorful doodle!



About WeeWillDoodle
In 2007, WeeWillDoodle was formed as a break from our corporate lives. It has always been a way for us express ourselves freely by random lines and characters. Doodling is the first step for us in creating a final artwork. It starts from traditional line art or a painting and may finish digitally. We love the performance aspect to it that we have strived to perfect it through our camaraderie and uniformity, which can be manifested through our strokes and lines. Weewilldoodle is not an individual. It is a group, sometimes a movement which tells us that all of us can CREATE and COLLABORATE.

Workshop fee: P 2000 (Inclusive of module, workshop kit, food and freebies!)
Venue: Lucky Burger’s, Unit RJ-JRM Building 5, Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Taguig
Date: April 12, 2015; 10AM

You know you’re addicted to crafty and cute memory keeping activities if different kinds of DIY rubber stamps gets you excited. Or, you are probably just astounded and curious on how to make and design one.

Worry no more, because our first run would be fun! Learn how to create and design your own rubber stamp from scratch. Choose a design (or you can just follow the module) and design your journals!



Workshop Fee: P 2000 (Inclusive of module, workshop kit, food and freebies from our sponsors!)
Venue:Sophie’s Mom, Tuscany, Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City
Date: April 12, 2015

What a better way to have a crafty and creative summer is to have the chance to design your own canvass tote bag!

Learn with our DIY Goddess, Nica Cosio on how to design your own tote bag from scratch! (Pegs and inspirations are included on your module.)




Workshop Fee: P 2000 (Incusive of module, workshop kit, food and freebies from our sponsors!)
Venue:Milky Way, Tuscany, Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City
Date: April 12, 2015

About Nica Cosio
Nica Cosio is a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful girls. She is also a freelance graphic artist and illustrator. During her free time (mostly when her children are napping) she occupies herself with arts and crafts which she writes about and shares on the blog she keeps with her husband ( She loves to read, make art with her children, and throw DIY parties.

A lot of people are ultimately into Calligraphy lately, from basics to modern and colorful lettering. They are literally everywhere. That’s why we are giving this opportunity to people who want to learn how to beautifully stroke and make Instagram-worthy masterpieces! Learn the basics, tips and tricks and awesome techniques from Charmaine!


About Charmaine
Charmaine is an adventurer by day, time lord by night. She’s a creative, go-getter and wants to explore the world one adventure at a time. She’s also an experienced calligrapher and have a huge following on Instagram.

Workshop Fee: P 2000 (Incusive of module, workshop kit, food and freebies from our sponsors!)
Venue: Marciano’s, Tuscany, Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City
Date: April 12, 2015

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