Oil Pastels Revisited

2014-10-18 Pastel Color Painting1

I have never touched oil pastel in such a long time. Probably, the last time that I have ever touched it was during my grade school days when I had a mandatory art class. Last Saturday, I had a flashback and the object that we had to draw that time was an apple, wherein we had to have different shadings of it. It was fun. But revisiting oil pastels now that I am older was even more fun. Probably because right now, I understood the teachings better. And I realized that I can draw anything in oil pastel and actually give life to it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can actually be abstract. But it can still be beautiful.


The class last Saturday was made up of 12 students – 10 girls and 2 boys. I wonder if girls are just really more into art than girls but I guess this isn’t entirely true because most of the painters and artists that we know of are actually male.


The kids were actually asked to draw a circle first on a bond paper and shade the outside part of the paper. This actually taught them the different styles and techniques of coloring using oil pastels.


It was actually a good thing that the parents stayed as well during the workshop so they could hear what was actually being taught and they would have an idea on how to guide their kids just in case the kids would practice at home.


There were some kids who were naturally gifted but then again with any art, the following rule really applies: “Practice makes perfect.”


Teacher Jennie really encouraged everyone to keep on trying and practicing event at home especially since all of the materials are with them already.


Light, medium and dark tones have been emphasized repeatedly all throughout the workshop to ensure that everyone got them and to really give a 3D feel to their artwork.


All of the kids were really proud to show off their work during the exercises.


It was fun seeing these girls especially learning that they were cousins. This, I realized, was actually a great way for family to bond as well.


After all of the practices, the time has come to put everything that they have learned unto the sand paper.


The kids chose to draw different things. And it was quite interesting to see what they came up with.


Instead of drawing one object, some kids chose to draw a view or a whole picture.


Definitely, what they drew and what colors they chose definitely showed what their inclinations were and their personality.


Kuddos to all of the kids. Job well done!  🙂

P.S. Thank you again to Mothercare Philippines and Stabilo Philippines for being our partners for this workshop! Looking forward to more events with you! 🙂


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