Make Your Own: Snowman Christmas Ornament by Peachy Alvarez

Snowman Tutorial

It’s almost Christmas! Have you got your Christmas tree up?

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. Because it’s the time we celebrate the birth of Christ, I feel so much love in the air because even strangers are extra nice! and it has never failed to fill my heart with so much happiness. And putting up our Christmas tree has always been my most favorite activity shared with my family! It may be a bit challenging putting up all the balls and decorating our tree, but no amount of exhaustion can ever beat the happiness I feel in my heart watching the excitement, laughter and joy in my family’s eyes while we’re all working on our tree.

And speaking of Christmas, today I’m going to share with you one super easy DIY project that is also fun to do with your family! Let’s make our own handmade Christmas tree ornament! Ready?

Make Your Own: Snowman Christmas Ornament
Tutorial by Peachy Alvarez (

Snowman Tutorial





·   Clays – White, Red, Green and Orange.

·   Acrylic Roller (for conditioning clay)

·   Exacto knife or blade

·   Circle cutter

·   Heart shape cutter

·   Tiny black beads (for the eyes)

·   Make-up (not in the picture)

·   Jump ring (not in picture)

·   String or ribbon (not in picture)

·   Liquid clay (not in the picture)

·   Craft glue (not in the picture)

Sorry! I wasn’t able to include the other items listed above in the picture. I was so excited working on this tutorial that I forgot about the little details, but are also important to have.

Note: Before working with clay, make sure to condition it well to avoid breakage and air bubbles after curing.


1. Using your acrylic roller, flatten your white clay then cut out two circles – one for the head and one for the body of the snowman. If your body is about 2” in diameter, the head should be about 1”. Set aside.



2. Now flatten your red clay using your acrylic roller.

Mc 3


3. Trim the bottom part first using your cutter blade then lay flat on your small circle (head) following the picture below… This will serve as the snowman’s hat.

Mc 4


4. Now lets start working on his hat. Cut the red clay to your desired hat type (be extra careful not to cut the white circle at the back). I started making small cuts on the sides of the hat pointing a bit upward, then I did a straight line cut and trim the top portion. Looking like a hat? J

Mc 5

5. Next, grab your black beads and position them right below the hat, giving our snowman his eyes. Position it not too close yet not too wide apart. Just enough space for the snowman’s nose in the middle later.

Mc 6


6. Now for our snowman’s nose.. Using your orange clay, roll a tiny ball and make a cone by applying pressure on one side while rolling. Apply a small amount of liquid clay to the base of nose before attaching on the face to secure. It should look like this.

Mc 7

7. Time to apply some blush on our snowman’s cheeks… With your make up (for this project I’m using my eye shadow make-up set dedicated for clay), use the eye shadow applicator and dab a little make-up on the cheeks (color is completely up to you! Be more creative!). Applying a bit blush on the cheeks adds life to our snowman’s face!

Mc 8

8. Using your green clays, roll 3 small cones (similar to how we did the nose), flatten then pinch the top a little and start texturing leaf-like veins using the wrong side of your blade/exacto knife to create the leaves.

Mc 9

9. Again, apply a small amount of liquid clay to the base of the leaves before attaching to the hat.

Mc 10

10. Using your red clays again, roll out 3 small balls of different sizes — to be made into cherries. Apply a small amount of liquid clay to the base again before attaching it on the hat at the base of your leaves.

Mc 11

11. Now we’re ready to attach the head to the body. Again make sure to apply a little bit of liquid clay to make sure that your snowman don’t end up falling apart after baking.

12.  Using your red and white clays, roll 2 separate logs — Time to give our little snowman his scarf! Once you have your desired length (enough to wrap around your snowman’s neck), twist the two colors together then flatten using your fingers.

Mc 12

13.  It should look like this…

Mc 13

14. Using your heart cutter cut out 2 hearts out of your flattened red clay and attach to the middle of the body like buttons (don’t forget to apply small amount of liquid clay to secure).

Mc 14

15. Time to bake your project! Follow the baking instruction according to your clay manufacturer found on the packaging of your clay.

16. Once cooled, at the back of your snowman’s hat, attach 1 jumpring using your craft glue. Make sure that you only apply the right amount so that it doesn’t end up running over the front of your project. Allow to dry.

Mc 15

17. When the glue has dried and the jumpring is secured, you may now tie your string. I used a simple silver string similar to a typical Christmas tree ornament’s so it doesn’t attract too much attention.

Mc 16

18. TADA!!! You now have your very own handmade snowman!

Easy peasy, right? Not only will this be a fun activity when put up on your tree, you can even share this handmade project with the whole family and make lots of unique snowman Christmas tree ornaments! You can also turn this project into ref magnets by replacing the jumpring and string part to attaching a magnet at the back of the body. Endless possibilities! Make lots of this and see your snowman liven up your home!



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