Loom Band Afternoon Party: The Way to Brighten a Gloomy Saturday


August 2, was probably not the sunniest day that we’ve ever seen. Actually, it has been very gloomy all week long and that Saturday was no exception. I guess, the only that really brightened our day was the fact that we were going to hold our 2nd Loom Band Party on that day.


This time around, we were better prepared with all of the tutorials. We made PowerPoint presentations to make the class be able to follow everything that Raissa (@iamloomprincess) was teaching.


We figured that this was the best way that everyone in the class would understand what Raissa was teaching.

Mothercare at Podium was probably one of the best venues that we’ve ever had for our workshops. The venue was really spacious and well lighted allowing everyone to concentrate and see well what they were doing.



In addition to that, the participants also received some goodies from Bite Block Insect Repellant which the participants really appreciated.


All of the participants were really happy with what they learned and that definitely made our gloomy Saturday brighter!


Thank you again to everyone who joined our Loom Band Afternoon Party and here’s to hoping to see you again.

Thank you also to Mothercare Philippines and Bite Block for being our sponsors for this event! Looking forward to more partnerships with you.


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