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General FAQs

What is the Memory Crafters?

Memory Crafters is Workshop Series of Manila Workshops (GPA Events Management Services). It is a set of fun and creative workshops offering arts and crafts workshops for both the young and the old.

How do I join a Memory Crafters Workshop?

All of the workshops that Memory Crafters will be holding will be published in their website:

All of posts, will have sign up form that you would have to fill out to inform the team that you would like to participate in that particular workshop.

How do I pay for the Memory Crafters Workshops?

We accept the following payment methods:
• Paypal

What are the inclusions of the Workshops?

The workshop includes all of the items that you need during the workshop itself. Also, most of the time, there will be food and drinks served as well.

How do you create the workshops?

We usually create the workshops based on what we think you – our customers would want. But if you have any suggestions or would like to partner with us, you can always email us at


Payment FAQs

Do I have to have an account in in order to join a workshop?

No, you don’t have to. You only need an account in if you would like to submit your Memory Crafters Workshop experience.

What is the cut off of the payment for the workshops?

Usually, we have an early bird rate which is typically a week before the said workshop. So, if you want to avail of the discounted rate, make sure to sign up and pay before that date.

What should I do after I have paid for the workshop?

After you have paid for the workshop, you have to email us a picture or a copy of the payment that you have made for us to be able to verify your payment.

How do I know my payment is confirmed?

We will send you an email confirmation once we have confirmed your payment.

What if I missed the payment deadline (time/date) as instructed in the email?

Then you will have to pay for the full amount of the workshop if failed to pay before the cut-off of the early bird rate.

I changed my mind on the payment method, what do I do?

You can just inform us via email: so that we can keep track of this.

I didn’t receive a payment confirmation email. What do I do?

Email us at

What if I changed my mind about attending the workshop?

If you changed your mind and haven’t paid yet, then we will just take note of this. But, if you have paid already, we can reimburse you for as long as you inform us a week before the workshop. If you have paid and then you weren’t able to attend the workshop, we will just enlist you to the next similar workshop that we will be organizing.



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